01.How do I contact assembly and after-sales service outside Taiwan?

Please contact the local sales or agent, or fill out the inquiry form for after-sales repair, parts purchase, machinery maintenance and other services.

CLF branch offices are located in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Agent locations are located in India, Malaysia, Mexico, Central and South America, South Africa, and Turkey.

CLF has 5 series of injection molding machines in a range of 50-5,000 tones. To fulfill the needs from different application fields and finished products, CLF is able to provide the most suitable machine type/tonnage for customers, and even customization to optimize the machine performance.

To search by machine tonnage:

*If you have demand for more than 1,200 tons, we recommend TWII series or TPII series.

*If you have 60-1200 tons demand, we recommend TX series.

To search by application area:

* For automotive parts production, we recommend TWII series for bumpers, TWR series for car lights, and TX series for others.

* For logistics pallets production, we recommend TPII series.

* For multi-color/multi-material production, we recommend TWR series.

* See more application areas.

If you need further consultation, please fill out the inquiry form and our professional sales consultant team is glad to serve you.

CLF's TX and TWII series are CE-certified (European regulations), and the TPII series is under application. The UL (US regulations) certification requires a single application per each model.

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Yes. Since the establishment, CLF targets supply large injection molding machines and continuously invests in large processing equipment to maintain the products quality and stable capacity.
In general, it is much more difficult to control and confirm the quality of super large machines' major parts than that of middle or small ones, because of their size and weight.
In addition, large machines' logistics and transportation are labor-intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is beneficial to customers and us for managing resources in our own factories to control the machines' quality and delivery schedule. Please watch CLF's brand videos to understand more of us.

CLF has 5 injection machine series which are all customizable. We can meet your production needs through consultation with our R&D and design teams!

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CLF has over 55 years of experience in R&D, design, production and sales, and has cooperated with more than 1,000 customers. Our solid, diverse and professional experience delivers a one-stop service to customers from product design, mold design, automation equipment, production capacity optimization to factory production line planning!

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Certainly! Besides a professional R&D and design team, CLF also has long-term cooperation with excellent mold manufacturers. With the samples (and/or pictures) and dimensions are available, we can design production machines to meet customer needs started from mold design.

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There are 60- to 5000-ton models available. CLF is committed to offering the most suitable machine model/tonnage for each customer's specific needs.

* If you require 1200 tons or more, we recommend TWII series and TPII series.

* If your requirement falls within the range of 60 to 1200 tons, we recommend TX series.

* If you are uncertain about the needs, please fill out an inquiry form. CLF's highly professional sales consulting team is glad to assist you.