Upholding the spirit of pursuit of excellence and sustainable innovation


Chuan Lih Fa (CLF) Machinery Works Co. Ltd, established in 1966, has transformed over the course of half a century, evolving from a local factory into a globally recognized brand in plastic injection machinery. Starting from small size plastic injection molding machines, through constant improvement and innovation, CLF now has diverse models to provide complete plant optimization and provide global service.

Currently, CLF is focused on R&D, manufacture and sales of plastic injection machinery, and is known in the market for its super-large, high precision and high performance plastic injection molding machines. Guided by the spirit of "Pursuing Excellence, Sustaining Innovation," CLF has never ceased its dedication to advancing plastic injection molding technology.

In response to market demands and business expansion, in addition to the Taiwan-based R&D headquarters, we have established service offices in mainland China, Vietnam, and Thailand, providing convenient and timely after-sales support. Our well-crafted machinery with stable quality has gained popularity in over 70 countries worldwide.

From the force to pushing the world forward to nurturing cornerstones of innovation, CLF firmly believes that frequent changes will create the extraordinary. We are happy to invest resources, nurture talents who are willing to innovate, with heavy involvement in the field of plastic injection molding, to break new grounds in creating technology that is truly global.
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Our Expertise, Your Trusted Partner.

As experts in research and development of plastic injection technology, CLF is constantly challenging to create higher level of injection molding machines. Our solid team has innovative spirit to provide superior quality equipment. Our expertise gives you peace of mind.
Embracing Innovation, Leading With Technology
CLF is strong in its R&D and has large number of patents. From the initial pursuit of improving performance, to innovation of high precision models, we give back to our clients using our technology that leads the field.

In terms of control system, from the traditional relays to IC control system, to servo drive technology, these not only increase speed, raise precision, but also lengthen machine life.

With respect to processing equipment, we have spared no expense in importing large processing equipment and other various CNC processing machinery ahead of our competitors, which allows precise control of process quality, At the same time we maintain long-term technical collaboration with R&D organization, so that we can connect the new technology with the demands of the industry, and lead the technological trends.
Solid Team Rooted In Sustainability
With each step over nearly six decades, the excellent machinery under the "CLF" brand has successfully penetrated global markets. This glory belongs to the dedicated team partners who have grown together along the way. Through our global network of subsidiaries and service centers, our teams work in harmony to uphold our commitment to quality policy, ensuring seamless cooperation and delivering the utmost satisfaction to our customers.
Rigorous Check, Quality Guaranteed
In terms of improving quality, we annually allocate budget to upgrade the manufacture and processing equipment, in order to ensure the manufacture process remains ahead of the pack. On the level of quality management, starting from the quality of components, to every part of the process, professional technicians use precision apparatus, implement stringent checks to ensure smooth operation between machinery without having to worry about safety, in order to create excellent, highly productive and high quality equipment for our clients.


Company's inception

Company chairman established Zi Fa iron plant, focused on the manufacture of plastic injection molding machinery. Machines models produced included 2oz-5oz. Company capital was 600,000 NTD, with 15 employees.
Company relocation and expansion

Plan moved to Liujia ding, Yongkang District, Tainan City, and renameed Xin Zi Fa machinery works, taking up over 660 m2 of space, manufacturing 2oz-40oz machines. Company capital increased to 6 million NTD, with 50 employees.
Moved to Yanxing village, Yongkang District, Tainan City, where Chuan Lih Fa machinery works Co. Ltd. was founded, taking up over 3900m2 of space. Company capital increased to 10 million NTD with 80 employees, manufacturing 20oz-150oz machines that uses traditional relays as control system. Began to develop IC control system which not only increase precision but also life of use.
Manufacture Taiwan's largest injection molding machine.

Manufacturing the largest injection molding machine in the country, with a clamping force of up to 2000 tons and a shot size of 360 oz, it stood as the leader in the industry at the time.
Establishing the second factory

Establishment of Fulltech's Second Factory (Zhenteng Machinery works Co., Ltd.), primarily engaged in the processing of components for plastic injection molding machines. Spanning an area of 2,500 square meters, the capital has been increased to 49.9 million NTD, with 110 employees.
Obtained A-grade in quality control as an outstanding manufacturer.

Began developing microprocessor injection molding machinery.D20
Prize of CHAMPION EXPORTER in plastic injection molding machines.
Establishment of the third factory

Established CLF plant 3 (Guanteng Co. Ltd.), occupying 6600 m2, with staff of 55. Mainly involved in plastic product processing, and uses the experience of actual production for making improvement to machine quality. Currently in use are various models of injection molding machines.

Export sales in 1989 and 1990 was ranked top amongst its peers in the industry in the Ministry of Economics’ list of export vendor of excellence.
Received the third Domestic excellent machinery Golden Dragon Award.
Established Zhongshan Chuan Lih Fa machinery Co. Ltd., occupying 50 hectares, and producing 100T-1380T plastic injection molding machines for sales locally and abroad.
Received the good product design award in the 1993 National design month design excellence competition, held by the Foreign Trade Development Association, at the Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Merger between Zhenteng machinery works Co. Ltd. and CLF machinery works Co. Ltd. Company capital increased to 99.9 million NTD, with annual turnover of 600 million NTD (~24 million USD). 400 machines were produced by the Taiwan plant, 200 by the Zhongshan plant, where local and overseas sales were equally divided.

Received the logo of Taiwan excellence product in the Taiwan excellence award.
Received U.S. Patent for Injection machine in June
New improved plastic injection molding machine installation patent obtained in August
Passed ISO9001 certification
Establishing Guanmiao Factory

Founding Fulltech Machinery Co., Ltd. - Guanmiao Plant, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, with an annual company turnover reaching one billion NTD.

Development of TW models, as well as developing the dual action (two-way) and triple action (three-way) plastic injection molding machines and obtaining the patent thereof.
Established Quanshen machinery Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, assembling 80T-400T plastic injection molding machines
In 2000, Developed two-color-two-material and three-color-three-material injection molding machines.
In 2001, Development of TY series of plastic injection molding machine.
Developed and obtained new patent on mobile mold wall moving device for injection molding machine in February
Developed and obtained new improved patent on mold turntable positioning structure for injection molding machine in August
Developed and obtained new improved patent on mold turntable, composite diversion device for turntable cooling and hydraulics circuit in multi-color multi-material injection molding machine in November
Successfully developed the CLF-800TR two-color turn table machine
Successfully developed the CLF-1000TR two-color turn table machine
In 2003, Passed CE certification for the entire TY machine series
Successfully developed CLF-350TX, 48-mold PET blood collection tube machine
Successfully developed CLF-3000TE, super large wide mold template machine
Successfully developed CLF-2200T
Successfully developed CLF-3500T super-large machine
Successfully developed CLF-450TW, 4-mold 5 gallon PET preform machine
Successfully developed CLF-450TY, multi-circuit quick circulation 20L paint bucket machine
Successfully developed CLF450-TYR, three-color-three-station machine
In 2005, Collaborated with LOMOLD Company in South Africa to produce specialized low-pressure, high-speed injection molding machines.
In 2006, Plastic & rubber machinery 'Research and Development of Innovative Products' competition 'First Prize'.
Developed and obtained new patent for blow molding device of injection molding machine in February
Developed and obtained patent for injection molding machine with out-curving clamping structure
Successfully developed CLF-950TXR two-color machine
Technical collaboration with Lomold, South Africa to develop high-speed low-pressure long-fiber injection machine
Began building Vietnam plant 
Tri-plant R&D building completed
In 2008, Taiwan Invention Patent I298041: Sandwich Internal Supercritical Foaming Injection Molding Device and Method"
In 2009, Development of Outward Toggle type all-electric injection molding machine and large-sized two-platen injection molding machine.
In 2010, Plastic & rubber machinery 'Research and Development of Innovative Products' competition 'First Prize'.
In 2011, Industry-university collaboration with Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, successfully developed CLF-350AE-PET all-electric PET blood collection tube medical use only machine’s super-high circulation multi-mold cleaning product, turnkey electrical precision injection molding system
Industry-university collaboration with Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, participating in the industrial technology foresight research program under the guidance of the industrial development bureau. Successfully developed CLF-350AE-PET, all-electric PET blood collection tube for medical use only machine
Successfully developed 3500TP double-mold template injection machine in March
Successfully developed 1400TW out-curing injection machine in June
Received the excellence prize for development of innovative product at Taipei international plastic and rubber machinery exhibition
Successfully developed 1600TR two-color machine in September
Successfully developed 1400TXR two-color machine in December
Successfully developed 1400TXM co-injection, interval injection, mixed-color three-color machine in December
In 2013

Developed and obtained patent-9186834 United States for synchronous injection power assistance mechanism for injection machine.

Taiwan New Utility Patent M462176: Supersonic Mold Clamping Sensor Device in Injection Machine, Taiwan Invention Patent I398344: electrohydraulic injection molding machine, Taiwan Invention Patent I397469: Intelligent Automatic Clamping Force Adjustment System.
In 2014

Plastic and Rubber Machinery 'Research and Development of Innovative Products' Competition: "First Prize"

Participated in the 23rd Taiwan Excellence Selection and received the "Taiwan Excellence Award"
In 2015, Taiwan New Utility Patent M492833: Superfine Foaming Co-injection and Blending Injection Molding Device

Developed the TWⅡ-Series Wide-Platen Outward Toggle Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine
In 2016, -TAIPEI PLASTIC & RUBBER MACHINERY "R&D Innovative Product" Competition "Grand Prize".

Implemented the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Pilot Industry-University Cooperative Research Program - Development of key technologies for injection molding of long-fiber composite materials (3 years).

Successfully developed 180TXR two-color sandwich microfoam machine and 600TXL long-fiber composite material injection molding machine.
In 2017, Executed the Ministry of Science and Technology's "Intelligent Control System for Stand-alone Equipment or Units Forward-Looking Technology and Value-Added Software Research and Development" project (3 years in total) and received additional funding for the 4th and 5th years due to the outstanding R&D results.
In 2018,

TAIPEIPLAS Plastic & Rubber Machinery "R&D Innovation Product" Competition "Grand prize".

Successfully developed the new generation of 1800TWII-R two-color servo-turned curved elbow injection molding machine.
Successfully developed the new generation of TPII SERIES: Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machine、600TPII-R Two-color servo rotary two-platen machine.
Taiwan Invention Patent I692395 Long Fiber Injection Screw for Improving Injection Uniformity.
Successfully developed a new generation of super-large 3500TPII two-platen machine.

Successfully Developed a new generation of 950TPII-L two-platen machine specialized for environmental protection floor tile.
Successful development of a new generation of 1350TPII-R three-color servo rotary two-platen machine.

Successfully developed a new generation of 1800TPII-R four-color servo rotary two-platen machine.

Successfully developed a new generation of 285AE-HB energy-saving hybrid injection molding machine.

Taiwan Invention Patent Application for Adaptive Embedded System Device for Injection Molding Machine.


  • 1966
  • 2016
CLF was created in 1966, with the initial goal of “one step further”, the company was fully involved in the field of plastic injection molding machinery. Today, CLF has become the top global brand in plastic injection machinery. Beginning with 3-5 people as a local manufacturer and becoming a well-known enterprise after 5 decades, CLF has taken all the experiences to heart. In the management process, the company felt deeply that vitality for the enterprise only comes from having a solid team. Only by seeing people as the basis, can CLF’s culture heritage of perseverance and constant innovation be nurtured.

From the manufacture of our 2oz~5oz models in the beginning, to the development of the super-large 4000T model which won CLF’s position as the market leader. The joy of the successful development of IC control system in 1980 ahead of our competitors, which replaced traditional relays. The first time coming in as the top rank in the industry in Ministry of Economics’ export business excellence performance ranking in 1989. Awarded the Taiwan excellence product logo after participating in the Taiwan excellence award in 1994. Receiving the U.S. patent for invention of injection machinery in 1996. All these and other achievements up to now have not made us arrogant, but are nutrients for constant innovation and sustainable management.

We insist on innovation, and are focused on expert manufacture and development of injection machinery and to provide vertical integration in the plastic industry. By offering clients more information and service, we hope to break new grounds globally in the field of plastic injection molding machinery.