Standard Plastic Injection Molding Machine

60-1400 TONS
Clamping Forces
Fast mold opening/closing
Large platen size

The renowned TX-series models are designed for the high production capacity.

  • Five-point internal toggle mechanism, performs high-speed operation.

    Innovative structural design and optimized toggle motion analysis express the fast and stable mold locking characteristics.

  • High-strength toggle configuration delivers high rigidity and strength.

    The crank connection configuration adopts a 4-3-4-3 platen connection design. The multi-platen design improves the structural strength and fully showcases its high stiffness.

  • Hydraulic cylinders are arranged diagonally to shorten the length of the clamping mechanism.

    The clamping cylinders of TX machines with a capacity of more than 400 tons adopt a built-in diagonal configuration, which effectively shortens the overall length of the clamping mechanism and effectively utilizes the factory space.

  • Increased platen size improves the structural rigidity.

    Both fixed the movable platens are designed in a box structure. The enlarged platen size improves the structural rigidity.

  • Achieving energy saving and improved injection stability with customization.

    Specifications and functions can be customized based on customer needs, including energy-saving servo drive, electric material storage to improve plasticization, multi-circuit, low-energy material tube heating solution, remote monitoring and data transmission, etc.



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