Two Platen Plastic Molding Machine

600-5000 TONS
Clamping Force
Saving space
Higher customization flexibility

Excellent performance, outstanding benefits, and optimized space utilization make it a high-value choice for CLF's large size models in recent years!

  • High rigidity machine wall and high performance clamping cylinder.

    The structural strength is ensured through stress analysis. The fast and accurate lamping force and the evenly stressed machine wall minimize the mold deformation.

  • Non-contact pillars for maintaining precision.

    Friction-free pillars eliminates the surface wear. The mold is not affected by the pillars' deformation, that preserves the machine's precision. Moreover, the pillars do not require lubrication so that the mold area and finished products are always clean.

  • Space-saving, efficient and energy-saving.

    The machine length is reduced by 15%, achieving higher factory utilization, more energy saving, carbon-reduction, and operating costs improvement.

  • Ultra-long support base for core plate.

    Smooth and stable mold open/close operations ensures the precise parallelism and prevent the mold from tilting forward.

  • High-flexibility customization.

    The two-platen design contributes a higher degree of freedom than an injection machine with a toggle structure. Higher customization needs thus can be met.

  • Customized to meet multi-color/multi-group injection requirements

    This series can employ a rotary table to achieve multi-color/multi-group injection requirements for adding finished products' value.



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