Injection Molded for House Hardware

CLF designs an exclusively optimized production solution for your household hardware that meets the requirements of small-volume large-variety production, multiple colors, and various sizes. Leveraging decades of expertise, our advanced injection molding technology ensures high precision, efficiency. By integrating advanced R&D technology, comprehensive production line planning, and customizable options, CLF guarantees that each component meets the highest standards of quality and performance. We deliver versatile and high-performance production solutions that cater to the evolving needs of household hardware manufacturers.


R&D technology: The machine's adaptive system can adjust to the optimal parameters based on the raw materials and reduce energy consumption for protecting environmental and increasing material recyclability.

Production line planning: Based on over 55 years of experience in Taiwan, we deliver a one-stop automated production solution with our suppliers that features product removal, stacking, to packaging.

Customization: To meet customer needs and improve production efficiency, customization or optional functions can be utilized: switching to side entry/mold change, multi-color/injection design, double-/multi-circuit, power saving and energy saving, etc.