Rotary Table/Separated Injection(Co-injection) Multi-color Plastic Injection Molding Machine

120-1800 TONS
Clamping Forces
Product versatility
High accuracy rotary table

CLF's multi-color and multi-shot molding machines meet the demand for vibrant designs in end products, enhancing their value and creating a uniquely preferred choice.

  • More product design flexibility and application variation.

    Internal space can be reduced in molding process to implement different applications for creating more flexibility and vitiations. Take a dual-material button as example, it can be completed in one molding process that minimizes the assembly process and becomes waterproof.

  • Reduce processes and costs.

    Two different materials or colors can be combined in a single molding process to reduce additional processing.

  • Rotation table can perform multiple rotating angles to achieve higher precision.

    The customized rotation table can perform rotation up to 90, 120, and 180 degrees. In addition to its highly accuracy, it is also meets the production requirement that requires multiple molds.

  • Added color or texture enhances finished products' appearance.

    Employing multiple colors and materials enhances product's value of look and feel.



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