Outward Toggle Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine

90-5000 TONS
Clamping Forces
Center-focused clamping force
Longer mold opening stroke

Suitable for products with high surface precision requirements and deep depth with its strong platen structure precision with long and deep formwork space.

  • Five-point external toggle mechanism, low platen deformation, high precision.

    Through the external toggle mechanism and the powerful clamping mechanism, the clamping force is concentrated on the center of the platen and evenly distributed throughout the platen. The force can be more concentrated on the mold body, minimizing the deformation of the platen to deliver higher product precision.

  • High rigidity/precision injection mechanism

    The injection unit employs high precision linear slide rail support and guidance to achieve the advantages of low friction, high precision, and smooth movement.

  • Customization to achieve ultra-long mold opening stroke

    Utilizing the characteristics of the external toggle mechanism, the mold opening stroke can be customized to lengthen to fulfill customer's needs of producing deeper products.

  • Achieving energy saving and improved injection stability with customization.

    Specifications and functions can be customized based on customer needs, including energy-saving servo drive, electric material storage to improve plasticization, multi-circuit, low-energy material tube heating solution, remote monitoring and data transmission, etc.



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