PET Preform Series Injection Molding Machine

CLF is the expert of building a complete PET preform production line for customers by integrating machines and equipment for manufacturing various sizes of PET container.

  • Highly stable plasticizing capacity to achieve high production capacity goals.

    The electric material storage system is employed to perform dual-circuit operations of opening and storing materials at the same time. The special high aspect ratio screw for plasticizing PET enhances plasticizing stability and efficiency.

  • High precision and rigidity with improved yield rate.

    The new injection mechanism is equipped with a low-friction linear slide rail and a PET-specific mold clamping mechanism. Its high rigidity reduces mold deformation.

  • Minimizing errors with high-precision mold open/close position.

    The core plate adopts linear slide rails and a high-speed proportional valve for a quick and accurate control to the mode opening and closing, achieving the error under 1mm.

  • Performance-improving customization.

    The external cooling device can be adopted as an option to shorten the mold cooling time and increase the output.



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