Injection Molded Electronics

CLF offers a full-set high efficiency production solution for your electronic devices, covering plastic housing, components, connectors, and various parts that require high precision, special surface treatments, and complex processing. With decades of expertise, CLF ensures that each component meets the highest standards of quality and performance, providing reliable and efficient production capabilities to keep pace with the rapidly evolving electronics industry. Our injection molding solutions for electronic components are tailored to meet the specific needs of manufacturers, delivering versatile and high-performance production solutions for a wide range of electronic applications. By utilizing advanced Injection Molded Electronics technology, CLF guarantees the precision, efficiency, and reliability required to produce high-quality electronic parts.


Digital technology: achieving product traceability by collecting machine information through machine networks.

Production line planning: Based on over 55 years of experience in Taiwan, we deliver a one-stop automated production solution with our suppliers that features product removal, stacking, to packaging.

Customization: To meet customer needs and improve production efficiency, customization or optional functions can be utilized: switching to side entry/mold change, multi-color/injection design, double-/multi-circuit, power saving and energy saving, etc.