Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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Clamping Force


Two Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machine

  • Unique two platen design for clamping mechanism exhibits exceptionally high speed clamping feature.
  • Clamping force, mold opening stroke and distance between tie bars are easy to customize.
  • Quick and accurate mold adjustment makes the two-platen Injection molding machine suitable for small lot flexible production.
  • Uniform force distribution on mold ensures high accuracy of product.
  • Uniform tension force on tie bars for dramatic increase of service life.
  • Simplified construction with no wearing problem on toggle clamp.
  • Rigid machine structure, minimum deformation and consistent product accuracy.


  • Cables / Water Hoses

    Well Arranged High Pressure Flexible Hose

  • Long Service Life

    Robust Tie Bars

  • Positioning / Higher Accuracy

    Simplified Hydraulic Circuit Faster