All Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine


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Clamping Force


Electricity Regeneration Circuit Electricity Saved by 15%
  • Employs German Siemens control and servo motors for excellent performance and high accuracy.
  • High performance injection unit that enhances the exceptional features of servo control.High speed,stability and accuracy are guaranteed.
  • In-house software development capability combined with technical support from Siemens.
  • Standardized hardware design simplifies the maintenance works and reduces the spare parts stock.
  • Simultaneous control on multi-axes shortens molding cycle time dramatically.
  • Overall super rigid structure minimizes running vibration.
  • Exclusive energy-regeneration function not only provides electricity-saving and environmental protection, but also meets today's trend of energy-saving.
  • Ergonomics operation interface.
  • The access level to controller management can be ranked.
  • Rigid platen design exhibits superior parallelism.
  • Supports remote monitoring functions.


  • Injection Speed 0-600mm

    High Speed Injection Unit

  • Acceleration Within 60ms

    High Pressure Injection Unit