CM Series - Hydraulic RAM type CLF small Injection Molding Machines
Delivering Superior Results and Excellence.

Dual injection cylinder with both sides of piston rod defining the smooth moving line, reduces resistance Of the return oil, achieves high injection efficiency and accuracy.

Injection unit swivel device for the convenience of changing screw and barrel.

Multi-design screw rod to match with different resins’ requirements.

Multi-design check ring.

Forced exhaust fan to cool down the abrasion heat causes overheating, keeping stable production temperature.

PID temperature control, barrel heating by SSR and nozzle control by SCR for constant temperature.

Ram piston fastened to the moving platen sliding under the guide of clamp cylinder makes for very good parallelism of the mold close and open movement.

Adjustable rollers support the weight of mold and platen and distribute to all the area homogenously for long life operation.

Advanced injection compression function-6 stages of product compression setting.

3 layers of electrical and mechanical clamp safety devices for the operator.

Advanced JD computer controller made in Japan.

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